Tulsa Tech Announces New Accelerating Independence Scholarship
TULSA, OK – April 4, 2014 –
Tulsa Tech Superintendent and CEO, Dr. Steve Tiger, along with the Board of Education, announce today the creation of the Accelerating Independence Scholarship.

“We are truly excited about this valuable financial aid opportunity for our students just out of high school,” Tiger said. “Hopefully this will assist those students to continue their path towards a great career and future.”

Considered a ‘Gap’ scholarship, the Accelerating Independence Scholarship covers 100% of tuition and required fees for students with GED or high school degrees from any of the in-district, public, parochial or home-school through the age of 21. A Gap scholarship assists students who do not have the funds available to meet tuition cost. 100% of a students’ eligible Federal Pell Grant is applied towards tuition and required fees prior to awarding the Gap scholarship.

The Accelerating Independence Scholarship is available for eligible career majors at Tulsa Tech, and to those who meet specific criteria. High School or home school graduates with a 2.0 or “C” average must also provide a final high school transcript, and complete the admissions process to attend Tulsa Tech in order to apply for this scholarship. Students must also complete all admission requirements, be accepted for admission, and be enrolled in order for a scholarship to be awarded.

To apply and to find out more information about the Accelerating Independence Scholarship, please visit our Financial Aid page or call our Financial Aid office at 918-828-5000.

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