Sharon Whelpley

Sharon Whelpley

Zone 6
P.O. Box 477200
Tulsa, OK 74147-7200
(918) 828-5000

Elected to the Board of Education in 2014, Sharon Whelpley brings many years of experience and knowledge to the Tulsa Tech community. After retiring from Tulsa Tech following 12 years of service, Whelpley was elected to the Broken Arrow Public Schools Board of Education, where she provided 20 years of service to help guide a path for student success.

An avid volunteer, Whelpley has served the Broken Arrow community through organizations and events such as Gateway Balloon, Tulsa Garden Center, Broken Arrow PTA, and the Broken Arrow School Foundation to name a few.

Whelpley has been a resident of Broken Arrow for over 35 years, married to husband Lee, has three children, four grandchildren, and is a member of First Baptist Church in Broken Arrow.

Length of Term: 2021