Former Student Travels Full Circle to Success

For over 50 years, the state’s oldest and largest CareerTech institution has provided quality technical education to thousands of high school and adult students. Each day, Tulsa Tech helps students make their own path, and begin their individual journey toward a successful career.

One student, Kneisha Jones, began her journey back in the mid-nineties.

“I attended Tulsa Tech my junior year of high school,” Jones said. “I still remember how excited I was when I found out that I had been accepted into the Computer Technology program.”

From the start, this 1996 graduate of Tulsa Memorial High School, noticed a difference between the program and her regular high school classes.
“Tech was different than my high school classes, it made me feel independent,” Jones said. “We were treated like adults, and our classroom was set up like a real office environment. I really looked forward to jumping on the bus and coming to my class each day.”


By today’s standards, the curriculum for the program may seem dated. However, as Jones is quick to say, many of the skills she learned were invaluable.
“We learned DOS, if anyone remembers that,” Jones chuckled. “We were also taught core office skills, like typing and ten-key. We had to achieve so many words-per-minute, and if you didn’t make it, then you kept trying until you did. Not only did I learn how to type fast, and accurately, but many of the skills I learned in that program, still serve me well today.”

Before she began her current career in office support, this wife and mother of two had worked as a pharmacy technician for Saint Francis Health Center, a substitute teacher for Tulsa Public Schools, and she still helps manage a family-owned barber shop.

“Although I’ve had the privilege of working in several different careers, I find office work the most rewarding,” Jones said. “I’m definitely a numbers person, and I really enjoy getting to work with information and numbers each day.”

Jones is currently the Senior Office Support Specialist for the Instructional Services Department here at Tulsa Tech.

“My duties include supporting our Instructional Coordinators, who work with our instructors and help develop, modify, and keep our curriculum up to date,” Jones said. “The various applications I use each day include Microsoft Word, Excel, a scheduling software, and an application we use to process purchase orders and travel reimbursements.”

Although her DOS skills might be a little rusty, Jones still gives credit to her former instructor, Ms. Nancy O’Hara, for all of the business knowledge she shared with each of her students. Important skills that weren’t necessarily listed in the program curriculum.

“I am truly grateful when I think back to how much I was able to learn from Mrs. O’Hara,” Jones said. “Everything from office skills, to how to interview for a job, how to look a person in the eye, and use a firm handshake, these are all skills that I learned at Tulsa Tech.”

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