Sewing the Seeds of Success

Tulsa Tech’s Business Management/Entrepreneurship program teaches students how to create powerful marketing and management plans. Students develop sales presentations and product demonstrations for a competitive marketplace, and also have an opportunity to network with many of our community’s local business innovators at facilities such as 36 Degrees North, Tulsa’s newest basecamp for entrepreneurs.

Brenna Palmer, a junior at Owasso High School, has owned and operated her unique small business for the past six years, and the Management/Entrepreneurship program immediately caught her eye.

“I found out about Tulsa Tech at my high school, and noticed the Business Management and Entrepreneurship class right away,” Palmer said. “Since I already had my own business, I thought this would be the perfect fit.”

The Owasso native had encountered a few challenges along the way, always developing solutions as she learned to manage a small business by herself.
“I started my business, ‘Brenna’s Corn Bags’ in 2010,” Palmer said. “Although I had always managed it by myself, I really felt like this class would help me improve some of the things I already knew, and teach me some great new ideas about operating my own business.”

For the past six years, Palmer’s small business has produced hundreds of customized, hand-sewn, therapeutic corn bags. The bags contain corn grain, and when heated or cooled, provide all-natural relief for tired, achy muscles and joints.

“The bags are available in standard sizes, and may be customized with various fabrics, like prints for girls, prints for guys, or sports teams,” Palmer said. “Customers may contact me, and I’m always happy to work with them if they have a special idea in mind.”

The 16-year old’s main marketing presence has been online, at and, although word of mouth also continues to be a great source of sales.

“In the beginning I mostly produced specialty items for individuals,” Palmer said. “Then I began expanding into the wholesale market, and providing orders to salons and pharmacies.”


Palmer credits the Business Management/Entrepreneurship program, and her instructor, for helping to refine her existing business model.

“It may sound corny,” Palmer laughed. “But Mrs. Sexton is absolutely one of the best instructors I have ever had. She has helped me so much, and she is never too busy to be there for me as a person, and a student.”

Ms. Arlynda Sexton, Tulsa Tech’s Business Management/Entrepreneurship instructor, feels Palmer is the type of student who perfectly represents the spirit of a small business owner.

“There is no better student to have in class than one who has dreams,” Sexton said. “They are striving for a goal, accomplishing that goal, and sharing that spirit within the class. Brenna is certainly that young lady.”

Palmer is very thankful for both of her parents, not only for the sewing machine she received for Christmas in sixth grade, but also the guidance and encouragement they provide.

“My mom and dad have been the biggest influence in my life,” Palmer said. “They encouraged me to start my own business, and told me this could help accomplish my goals. So I guess this is where they get to say, ‘we told you so!’.”

The Owasso community will always remember Brenna Palmer’s older sister, Haley Palmer, and the impact she had on so many lives.

“My sister will always be an inspiration to me,” Palmer said. “I’m proud that I’ve kind of developed my own identity, but my family and I will always be extremely grateful to our community, and to Owasso, for honoring my sister in the way they always have.”

Without a doubt, Haley would be proud of her younger sister, and for all of the faculty and staff who work each day to help students make their own path, we are proud of Brenna, and wish her the very best.

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