Student Awarded Competitive Biomedical Internship

Student Awarded Competitive Biomedical Internship

Each year the Tulsa Area Bioscience and Research Consortium (TABERC) selects exceptional students for their summer internship program to provide research opportunities for undergraduates who are interested in bioscience disciplines.

TABERC is a faculty consortium of area institutions of higher education (Tulsa Tech, TCC, OSU, OU, NSU, RSU, TU, ORU, and LU-Tulsa) whose intent it is to provide bioscience education, training and research opportunities to some of the best students in the region, and to provide a forum for interested faculty, staff and students to exchange ideas and foster cross-disciplinary and cross-institutional collaborations.

Chase Mills, a second year biomedical science student at Tulsa Tech, has been selected to participate in TABERC’s 2014 summer internship program. His initial decision to study biomedical science was based on his goal of one day becoming a doctor.

“I would like to continue my education and eventually attend medical school,” Mills explained. “This is one of the best courses available for high school students who wish to study medicine to be involved in. In fact, one of the best ways to describe our program, it’s like pre-med for high school.”

Eddie Coffey, Tulsa Tech’s instructor for Biomedical Sciences and TABERC Board Member, thinks Mills not only personifies exactly what the summer internship program is all about, but he’s also proud of the overall quality of students in the program.

“As an instructor, I’m very proud that Tulsa Tech students are meeting the same criteria as college students that are also applying for these internships,” Coffey explained. “It’s rewarding to know we’re training students who are very well prepared for an immediate career, as well as college. In addition to Chase Mills’ full internship, we have two additional students, Kaylee Morrison and Erin Haastrup, who were also selected for partial internships.”

Applying for the full, 140-hour summer internship required that Mills, a senior at Owasso high school, submit a written essay, outlining why he wanted the opportunity, along with a list of his previous lab experience.

“Writing can become a little more difficult after the first few paragraphs,” Mills laughed. “I just tried to really communicate how much I enjoy working in the lab, my goals to become a doctor, and how much this is what I love doing. I’m very thankful and excited to have been selected to participate in this summer internship program.”

Tulsa Tech’s Biomedical Sciences program is the foundation for many different careers within the health care industry, and students have many options after completing the program.

“Biomedical Sciences is such a large umbrella term,” Coffey said. “In addition to nurses and physicians, there are opportunities for biomedical engineer, biotechnology, and all types of biomedical research. We’re looking for those students who enjoy studying science, math and perform well with a query-based, hands-on style of instruction.”

As Mills prepares to complete the two-year program, he’s quick to recommend the course to other students, and feels that the challenging curriculum, great equipment in the lab, and some of the relationships he’s developed, definitely gives students like him a head start.

“Our equipment and lab setting is exactly what you see in many of the larger labs,” Mills said. “And the program has provided great opportunities to meet many people who work within many of the different areas of biomedical sciences.”

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