Testing Resources


  • » Accuplacer
    • CollegeBoard.org
      Download the Next Generation Reading and Next Generation Arithmetic practice tests or create an account for the free Accuplacer study app.
  • » HESI
      The HESI Admission Assessment Exam Review book may be purchased directly from HESI by calling 1-800-545-2522. The ISBN for the book is 978-0-3233-5378-6. You might also be able to find it online. The review book will not teach you the exam questions; it assists you with reviewing skills and subject matter you have previously learned.
  • » TABE
    • Test-Guide.com
      Select a subject practice test for TABE Reading, Mathematics Computation, or Applied Mathematics.
    • Test-Preparation.ca
      Select a subject area to practice for TABE Reading, Mathematics Computation, or Applied Mathematics.
  • » WorkKeys
    • ACT.org
      Select the assessment name on the left-hand menu, then click the assessment name button to see content overview and sample questions.

Study Resources (By Subject)

  • » Reading
  • » Mathematics
    • Math.com
      Click Pre-Algebra under “Select Subject” then select a lesson topic.
    • MathGoodies.com
      Select an instructional unit then choose a topic for a detailed lesson.

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