Successful Student Seeks New Challenges

Successful Student Seeks New Challenges

Although Jamie Langham had completed her general education college requirements, then continued studying to achieve her goal of working in an animal hospital as a veterinary technician, she soon found the work less rewarding than she had anticipated.

“I love animals and I enjoyed caring for them,” Langham said. “But many of the tasks associated with their basic care, like taking x-rays or brushing teeth, can become repetitive, and I just knew I wanted something more challenging.”

As the Jenks native evaluated her career options, she began to think about how much she enjoyed the extra tasks and unique challenges associated with surgery dates at the veterinary facility where she was employed.

“I realized that my most rewarding days on the job were related to surgeries,” Langham said. “The work was always a little more difficult, certainly more complex, but I really enjoyed the new experiences and working together as a team to support the veterinarian surgeon.”

Ms. Langham decided that the best way to expand on her health education background, and work full-time in a surgical environment, was to apply for Tulsa Tech’s Surgical Technologist program.

“My sister had enjoyed attending one of the nursing programs at Tech,” Langham said. “So I was familiar with the school and very excited when I discovered that I’d been accepted.”

The rigorous program prepares students to work as a member of a surgical team delivering patient care and assuming appropriate responsibilities before, during, and after surgery. Graduates of the program are eligible to sit for the surgical technology certification exam sponsored by the National Board of Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting (NBSTSA). Those who pass the certification exam may use the credential Certified Surgical Technologist (CST).

“My initial goal was to really challenge myself and pursue something I felt that I would be good at,” Langham said. “It was very rewarding to complete the program, pass the exam, and achieve my final goal of working as a member of a surgical team.”

Ms. Langham currently works as a CST at St. John Medical Center in Tulsa. St. John Medical Center is nationally recognized for their cardiovascular, orthopedic, palliative, and stroke care, and a regional leader in neurosurgery, oncology, surgical services, bariatrics, radiology, urology and women’s health.

“I enjoy learning from different surgeons, and being able to anticipate the next step in a particular surgical process,” Langham said. “It’s rewarding, to help care for someone, and hopefully improve their health.”

Tammy Roper, surgical technology instructor at Tulsa Tech, understands why students like Langham succeed in this exciting, but also very demanding, career field.

“Jamie’s not only smart, she’s extremely compassionate to others around her,” Roper said. “I am very proud of her and the things she’s been able to accomplish.”

Although this successful CST believes others may benefit from studying the many career choices available at Tulsa Tech, she does offer some cautionary advice.

“If you’re queasy, or get upset at the sight of blood, you probably want to avoid the surgical technology program,” Langham joked. “But I would recommend Tech to anyone regardless of their career choice. With great instructors, and the support of fellow students, my experience wasn’t just challenging, it was also fun.”

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