Tulsa Tech Alum Attending Boston University Dental School

Tulsa Tech alum Victor Chiadi recently received his baccalaureate in Biomedical Science from Oklahoma State University, and has now been accepted into Boston University’s School of Dental Medicine for this fall. A tremendous achievement and opportunity for a high school student who was simply looking for a science credit just over four years ago.

“When I was a junior in high school, Tulsa Tech was an option for half a day,” Chiadi said. “And my high school did not have an AP chemistry class, something I knew I would need for college, so I applied for the Biomedical Science program.”

Each year students in Tulsa Tech’s Biomedical Science explore the concepts of medicine in physiology, genetics, and microbiology, as they perform hands-on activities to examine the processes, structures, and interaction of human body. The curriculum for this exciting and challenging program focuses on science and math, giving students an opportunity to design innovative solutions to the health challenges of the 21st century.

At the time, the Tulsa East Central High School junior hoped that the challenging program might help prepare for college classes, and he was not disappointed.

“I felt like the program would help me prepare for college-level courses, and it really did,” Chiadi said. “Much of the curriculum translated right into several of my classes at OSU, especially during my freshman year, with classes like general biology.”

The Biomedical Science program is a Project Lead The Way certified two-year program, and during the second year, students not only demonstrate the skills they have learned, but also focus more on working in a lab environment.

“The program was rewarding and challenging, especially during the second year,” Chiadi said. “There was more lab work, so it placed more responsibility on me and my lab partner, to be able to follow assignments closely, perform the lab work, and develop solutions while we were learning.”

Eddie Maggard, Jr., a Tulsa Tech Biomedical Science instructor, strives to duplicate the same lab environment and procedures his students will encounter as they continue their education and move toward their individual careers.

“The way Mr. Maggard conducted our labs is almost identical to my experiences while in college,” Chiadi said. “He was available, always there, but the class was really more of a self-driven environment, and we were responsible for our work in the lab. This experience was very similar to the role of a TA (teaching assistant) in our college lab environment.”

Mr. Maggard is proud of his former student and feels he has already demonstrated that he possesses all of the necessary skills to succeed.

“Victor was an excellent student, very self-driven, and always working toward a goal,” Maggard said. “His outgoing personality, combined with his desire to always be searching for answers, just a great student, and a great personality to have in a group.”

The newly accepted dental student will always be thankful for his experiences at Tulsa Tech, and encourages others to explore the many exciting career options available to high school students.

“I would recommend Tulsa Tech to everyone,” Chiadi said. “Whether you plan to study for a career or decide to attend college, the friendships I developed with both instructors and my fellow students were some of my greatest times.”

We are extremely proud of Victor Chiadi as a Tulsa Tech alum and grateful to be a part of his journey. When it comes to inspiration and influence however, we do not mind finishing a close second place.

“My mom is a nurse, and she has been one of the biggest influences in my life,” Chiadi said. “She managed to work and raise two boys, all while she attended school. I will always be thankful to her for teaching us the value of a great education.”

If you are currently looking for a challenging new career for both high school and adult students, quality corporate training and consulting, or exciting evening and weekend classes, Tulsa Tech invites you to visit today.

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