Tulsa Tech Continues Enrollment Growth


Tulsa Tech Continues Enrollment Growth
Skills gap for in-demand careers places focus on training and development

TULSA, OK – April 13, 2017 – Over the past five years, Tulsa Tech has continued to grow, providing full-time career training for both high school and adult students. The nearly 25% growth in enrollment highlights the need, as well as the regional business community support for a highly-trained workforce.

“Tulsa Tech has continued to adapt to the ever-changing needs of our business community and employees across the region,” said Dr. Steve Tiger, Tulsa Tech Superintendent and CEO. “The growth that we have experienced shows not only a regional but a national need to close the skills gap for our workforce.”

In over 50 years, Tulsa Tech has grown from a one campus vocational school that started under the guidance of Tulsa Public Schools, to an independent school district with six campuses that are filled with highly-technical, highly sought after career training programs that develop students with career and college ready skills. Today, Tulsa Tech is the largest technology center of Oklahoma’s nationally-recognized CareerTech system, training over 5,000 full-time adult and high school students, as well as nearly 10,000 part-time enrollments, and even thousands more employees involved in customized corporate training and consulting services.

“The ability to engage our business community to assess regional workforce and economic strengths and challenges gives us a clear connection to showcase the highly-skilled career opportunities right here at home,” Tiger said. “Moreover, the overall community has been very involved in changing the perception and shining a focus on the high-wage, high-demand skills that come from utilizing the training that Tulsa Tech offers. This further illustrates that we can help people from all backgrounds succeed in the workplace.”

Even with the expanded opportunities for regional students, there is room for more growth, as some programs for the upcoming fall class schedule have several openings for admission. The need for skills training for recent high school graduates is at an all-time high, which is why Tulsa Tech has started the Accelerating Independence Scholarship. This scholarship is intended for students age 18-23 and provides career training at Tulsa Tech tuition-free for recent graduates of Tulsa area public, private and parochial schools.

To inquire about enrollment, admission, financial aid and more, interested adult and high school students can call (918) 828-5000 or visit tulsatech.edu.

Tulsa Tech, the oldest and largest in Oklahoma’s CareerTech System, is a career and technology center school district dedicated to educating people for success in the workplace. Tulsa Tech helps high school and adult students from across the Tulsa region explore new careers, upgrade their training and skills, and pursue their dreams. More information can be found at tulsatech.edu.


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