Tulsa Tech Creates Partnership with St. Gregory’s University

Tulsa Tech Creates Partnership with St. Gregory’s University

Tulsa Tech Superintendent and CEO Dr. Steve Tiger and St. Gregory’s University President Greg Main finalized an agreement on Monday, April 29, that will give Tulsa Tech students a chance to transfer credits toward a degree at St. Gregory’s.

The partnership is designed to allow Tulsa Tech students who have earned CareerTech certifications to pursue an associate, bachelor or master’s degree at St. Gregory’s. Students will receive up to 32 hours of credit toward an Associate of Applied Science degree from St. Gregory’s, the equivalent of 50 percent progress toward completion of their degree. They can also transfer an additional 10 hours of credit toward a Bachelor’s of Applied Sciences degree.
“Partnering with an outstanding institution like Tulsa Tech is an incredible opportunity,” Main said. “St. Gregory’s recognizes the value of the experience Tulsa Tech students earn through their studies, and we look forward to helping them further their academic careers for years to come.”

Tulsa Tech is the oldest and largest technology center in Oklahoma’s CareerTech system, with eight campuses in the Tulsa area, serving approximately 4,000-5,000 full-time students per year, in addition to a large number of business and industry clients who take courses customized to their particular field. Overall, approximately 60,000 students were served by Tulsa Tech in 2012.

“We know the world has changed,” Tiger said, “and the more education a person has, the more successful they will be. We agree with many national studies now that promote the combination of high-end technical training with rigorous academics, and we feel that this partnership with St. Gregory’s will allow our students to have that.”

The partnership was an easy decision for the leaders of Tulsa Tech. The desire of SGU’s administration to do what was necessary to meet the needs of students, including tailoring degrees around local business and industry needs, fit well with Tulsa Tech’s scope and mission to provide students with the best educational and training opportunities possible.

“Approximately 70 percent of our students in those full-time programs are high school juniors and seniors,” Tiger said. “Partnerships such as this will allow them to have more of a seamless transition from technical education to higher education. St. Gregory’s is unique because of its tradition, its prestige and its ability to be more flexible to better meet student needs and business needs. I am confident this agreement is going to be really beneficial to our communities and the students we serve. Their desire to help students through education and help Oklahoma overall meet workforce needs, that’s what is exciting to me.”

According to Dr. Bill Mayfield, St. Gregory’s Vice President of Graduate and Continuing Studies, SGU created the Associate of Applied Sciences degree specifically to accommodate the academic needs of Tulsa Tech students who wished to continue their education without losing credit for the knowledge they have already earned.

“If a student wants to transfer the technical credits earned at Tulsa Tech to a community college,” Mayfield said, “they are typically only allowed to transfer to like classes. If that community college doesn’t offer classes in their area of study, they can’t transfer there without having to start over. St. Gregory’s will give students credit for all of the work they put in to earning their CareerTech certifications.”

Dr. Scott Williams, Associate Superintendent, Instruction and Student Services for Tulsa Tech, said while Tulsa Tech’s programs are every adept at providing a strong technical skill base for students that is directly in line with industry needs, the partnership with St. Gregory’s will provide additional learning opportunities and allow students to follow a complete career pathway.

“Take someone who will come out of Tulsa Tech as a technician out of the auto service program, and they are very skilled at automotive service," he said. "Through this partnership, if that student goes to St. Gregory’s to continue their business education, they will learn to take what once was automotive service skills and hopefully become an entrepreneur and ultimately grow the economy of Oklahoma.”

For more information about St. Gregory’s University, visit stgregorys.edu. To learn more about Tulsa Tech, visit tulsatech.edu.

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