Tulsa Tech Earns National CDA Gold Standard Certification

In recent years, researchers have learned that the human brain develops the vast majority of its neurons, and is at its most receptive to learning, between birth and three years of age. The last four decades have produced many new practices and principles for use in the classroom with young children, as well as countless books, videos, and activities to enrich the home environment.

Employees hold CDA Gold Award

Tulsa Tech’s Child Development Associate (CDA) part-time, evening program has recently been awarded the CDA Gold Standard by the Council for Professional Recognition (the Council). As a non-profit organization, the Council for Professional Recognition’s mission is to recognize and promote professionals and organizations that are making strides in the early childhood education sector.

“This achievement confirms our commitment to providing the highest quality of education for our students,” said Teresa Berg, Adult Coordinator at Tulsa Tech. “Our focus is the well-being of children and families throughout the Tulsa area, and we’re excited to be recognized at the national level.”

In this pivotal and growing industry, the CDA credential is recognized in all 50 states, and the CDA Gold Standard sets Tulsa Tech apart from other training programs, allowing our students confidence in the quality of the CDA program they are selecting.

Tulsa Tech is now the first technology center in the nation, first program in Oklahoma and west of the Mississippi River to earn the gold standard. It is a reflection of the hard work by the 14 certified instructors, staff and administrators who work in our Adult Career Development department to earn the CDA Gold Standard Award.

As a nominee for the prestigious award, Tulsa Tech successfully demonstrated that its early childhood education training adheres to the Council’s three industry-leading principles:

  • Alignment with the CDA formal education coursework found in the CDA’s eight subject areas
  • Sound business policies and practice
  • Quality student services that meet their educational and professional needs

“We believe that our CDA Gold Standard Training Certification adds value and integrity to the early childhood profession by verifying connections between the Council’s proven teacher competencies and the quality of training resources available to CDA students,” said Valora Washington, Chief Executive Officer, Council for Professional Recognition.

In addition to offering high-quality training, CDA Gold Standard applicants must provide evidence that they serve the CDA student community with excellence, which includes professional development that prepares students for successful completion of their training program. The CDA Gold Standard is valid for three years and can be renewed.

“It’s exciting to think about the many young children, families and communities that will benefit from the high-quality education and training students will receive from CDA® Gold Standard Training Certification programs such as Tulsa Tech,” Washington added.

Regardless of the industry, Tulsa Tech strives to provide the best training possible to create successful outcomes for students looking to get hired right away, move into other educational pursuits, or join the military. Our full-time programs are accredited through the Oklahoma State Department of Education, Oklahoma State Board of Career & Technology Education, as well as numerous industry-specific accrediting boards, associations and agencies. Our part-time, evening classes are accredited in the same manner, and the CDA Gold Standard goes above and beyond that accreditation process and is the standard bearer for excellence in early child development training.

Find out more about the CDA Gold Standard at cdacouncil.org.

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