Tulsa Tech Educator Receives National Recognition

Tulsa Tech Educator Receives National Recognition

Michelle Jackson was recognized at the 19th Annual “Making It Work Day” at the Capitol. The event, sponsored by the Oklahoma Career and Technical Educators Equity Council (CTEEC), was held earlier this spring at the Oklahoma State Capitol Blue Room. The council advocates for students pursuing non-traditional careers and the use of resources for the education of single parents.

Jackson, coordinator for Project Hire at Tulsa Tech, received the National CTEEC Outstanding Member Award. This national award recognizes individuals who are committed to removing barriers to success for single parent families by providing educational experiences for students beyond the classroom. Special recognition is also given to non-traditional students and members who receive acknowledgment for their efforts on a national level.

“I felt extremely honored to receive this award,” Jackson said. “To have the opportunity to serve CTEEC and be nominated along with the other candidates was very special to me.”
Jackson, who continues to serve in multiple leadership roles for Oklahoma CTEEC, was also named CTEEC Outstanding Member a year ago and represented the organization in Washington, D.C.

Ronda Weaver, president of Oklahoma CTEEC and Work Prep coordinator at Caddo Kiowa Technology Center, feels it is vitally important that a strong partnership is maintained between the various programs, agencies, businesses and industries as students pursue educational training and gain employment. Individuals like Jackson are an important component in facilitating the communication between these students, educators, community partners, and business/industry leaders who play an important role in “making it work.”

“Michelle spoke in a hearing of the U.S. House of Representatives sub-committee, advocating for legislation for recipients of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families who are receiving training from community colleges and the CareerTech System,” Weaver said. “She is passionate about her program and makes a difference in the lives of her students.”

Lou Ann Hargrave, Oklahoma CTEEC advisor and CareerTech state coordinator for Work Prep also pointed out that the council acknowledges students for the challenges they’ve overcome in addition to their academic achievements.

“Students are recognized for their successful efforts to obtain education, training and employment amid the struggles faced by striving to rise above poverty and overcoming biases,” Hargrave said. “These students are learning methods to independently continue their education while working to further improve the lives of their families.”

The purposes of the Oklahoma CTEEC are to increase effectiveness of education, promote research and strategies in education and educational equity, develop leadership, and provide advocacy for both equity and diversity.

“By contributing to the professional development of students in poverty, we are able to improve the economic outlook for the future,” Hargrave said.

Michelle Jackson is proud of the recognition she received from CTEEC, but she’s also quick to say why she feels her work as an advocate is so important.

“I’m able to give a voice to these individuals,” Jackson said. “Without the work associated with these efforts, most of them would probably never be heard.”

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