Tulsa Tech Named Cisco Hall of Fame School

Tulsa Tech is again leading the way in training the next generation.

Cisco is a worldwide leader in IT, networking and cybersecurity functions. Founded in 1984, the technology company provides materials and support to Academy Support Centers (ASC) worldwide, teaching career-specific curriculum to up-and-coming IT professionals. Last month, Tulsa Tech was one of 28 ASC’s worldwide to be honored with the Hall of Fame award.

“Out of 65 academies in the U.S. and Canada we were selected for this Hall of Fame Award,” Julie Ballew, Cisco and Network Technology Instructor, said.

Serving as an ASC, Tulsa Tech is able to provide support and materials to 25 other schools in Oklahoma, Arkansas and Kansas, including many CareerTech partners and several local public school districts. Working with Tulsa Tech as a strategic partners assures that their students receive the most up-to-date Cisco training.

“Being able to support the schools for free is really nice,” Ballew commented, “I get emails from across the state saying ‘Thank You’ because without this service, some schools would not be able to afford the curriculum.”

This award comes as Cisco is making major changes to how the course is taught, and that will mean some changes for Tulsa Tech. One of the biggest changes you will notice is the names, the programs will now be called Enterprise Network Associate or Enterprise Network Technologist. The biggest change is in the books students will use.

“Cisco used to use four books, they have now consolidated that down to three and moved some information to higher-level courses,” Ballew commented. “They have also rearranged some information and added other components like wireless and security.”

The changes are part of a curriculum review the tech giant does every three to five years. The goal is to make sure students get the latest information on security threats and network protocols that must change in order to protect user and corporate data.

computer networking

This industry is growing rapidly with the number of jobs expected to grow 10 percent over the next decade, and students earning their Cisco certificates can work for major Fortune 500 companies and average around $60,000 salary right out of school.

For Ballew, while the award is a great feather in Tulsa Tech’s cap, she says that it is the service we provide to the 25 other schools across the state and into Kansas and Arkansas that really makes the difference.

“When I think of Cisco it reaches everybody, but my Cisco is the state of Oklahoma. That is what I care about and that is who we at Tulsa Tech support,” Ballew said with a smile. “The service we are providing is really opening doors to students who might not otherwise get to take these courses.”

Individually, Ballew is also one of four educators worldwide chosen by Cisco to be featured on their academy website for their work helping to train the next generation.

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