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Dr. Joyce McClellan

Chief Development & Diversity Officer

Dr. Joyce McClellan serves as the Chief Development and Diversity Officer.  

Dr. McClellan provides leadership and vision for diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies, ensuring they are in alignment with the District’s values, mission, and strategic plan.   

In her role, she develops outreach and diversity strategies that engage educational, community, civic, and business leaders with Tulsa Tech programs and services to improve student access and success. She also leads the Career Services team in building relationships with employers to improve student outcomes.  

Dr. McClellan develops the metrics and procedures to track institutional trends and increase accountability through qualitative and quantitative assessments of programs, policies and services.   

Working as a close liaison with the Tulsa Tech Education Foundation Board, Dr. McClellan helps to raise funds that support education and professional development, while also providing scholarships to students in need. 

Joyce holds an Ed.D. in Occupational Leadership in Adult Education from Oklahoma State University, a master's degree in Human Relations from the University of Oklahoma and a Bachelor of Science degree from Lincoln University (HBCU).