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Tulsa Tech graduate Shawn Schubert tackles a cool new career in the world of heating and air.

Tech Graduate Tackles Cool New Career

Oklahoma summers can be brutal, one-hundred-degree heat, scorching sun and if your air conditioner is not working, you are miserable. Graduates of the HVAC/R program at Tulsa Tech, like Shawn Schubert, work hard everyday to help their customers stay cool in summer and warm during winter months.

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Tulsa Tech graduate David Patrick shows a student a new way to use a machine while taking a tour of the new Manufacturing program space at the Broken Arrow Campus.

Building the Path to a Skilled Workforce

When was the last time you used trigonometry? If you ask that of 2017 Tulsa Tech graduate David Patrick, he would tell you almost daily. Patrick is not boasting. It is just part of what it takes to run Computer Numerical Control or CNC machines. “When you are making parts, you have to do the math,” Patrick said with a grin.

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