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Cosmetology student smiles sitting in chair

Self-Discovery Leads to Bettering the Lives of Others

Lily Taylor, a junior at Broken Arrow High School and a first-year cosmetology student at Tulsa Tech, didn’t get to this point in her education easily. However, through Tulsa Tech and the Miss Oklahoma program, she is discovering who she is as a person.

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Health Science Technology student smiling

Overcoming Adversity and A Desire to Help Others

Facing challenges brings out the best in people, highlighting their resilience and determination. Winston Churchill's timeless advice, "If you are going through hell, keep going," rings true for Gavin Kuykendal, a Health Science Technology student.

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A student smiling

Climbing the Ladder

Step by step, we all strive to advance our careers and achieve financial success. However, Tulsa Tech offers students a fast-track route to skip a few of those steps to success through our training programs. This opportunity was huge for Ashley Masionet, a recent Medical Assisting with Phlebotomy program graduate.

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