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Former culinary student Dakota Cannon in an apron

From the Kitchen to the Corner Office

The clang of pots, the grind of a knife, a kitchen is a feast for your senses. The sights, sounds and smells let you know exactly where you are at the moment. The gleaming commercial kitchen at the Owasso Campus is home to dozens of aspiring chefs, and was once a second home to Dakota Cannon.

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training fire fighters practice putting out a fire

Fulfilling a Burning Need

If you have a fire emergency, you call 9-1-1. But what if nobody is available? That is the sad truth facing fire departments across America. Tulsa Tech and Oklahoma State University teamed up to help put on an accelerated fire academy.

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Adult TV Production student Brooc Simpson stands in front of a TV camera

We are Live! A Career Based on Love

Welcome to a world of bright lights, flashing buttons, and green screens. You are not on a different planet, but in the Television Production I classroom. While we are accustomed to images on our TV, behind the bright lights and glamour is a hard-working team. A team committed to making "TV magic."

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