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Criminal Justice student Yazmine Brito

A Passion to Serve Others

When you hear the term “family business,” you often think of a small business or a place that is run by a family. For Yazmine Brito, a student in the Criminal Justice program, that family business is in law enforcement.

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Electrical student Byron Golphin

Sacrificing Now For a Brighter Tomorrow

Sacrifice can be defined as “the forfeiture of something highly-valued for the sake of something considered to have greater value.”  For Byron Golphin, he sacrifices sleep, as his daily routine is unlike most students. This adult student leaves his third-shift job as a quality control supervisor and comes straight to class.

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photo of collision refinishing student

A Place to Belong

A stroll down the halls of any Tulsa Tech campus is a feast for the senses. Step inside the Broken Arrow campus, and your first sight is a pristine old car, proudly displayed across the welcoming lobby. But beyond the sights and smells, you also find a sense of family. “I like the culture here; I have found friends,” Maksym Smolko, a student in the Collision Refinishing program said. 

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