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Celebrating Workforce Development Month and Building Partnerships

The way people work has changed. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, it's no longer just about getting a paycheck; now, folks want to find that balance between their personal lives and their work. That has made companies shift from protecting tricks of the trade to creating a skilled team and sharing knowledge to actually put those unique methods to good use and get results. This is where Tulsa Tech's Workforce Training and Development team steps in.

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student under hood of car looking at engine smiling

Finding the Unseen Connection

We all search for connections in life. Whether friendships, romantic attachments, or for others’ academics, we need to be together. For Rosemarie Major, her brain connects cars and animals. The second-year Automotive Service Technician student sees similarities between the two.

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Student plugging in networking cables

From the Kitchen to the Server Room

Computers are now part of everyday life. We are always connected to technology, from your smartphone to watches and even your desktop. When all of that tech breaks or malfunctions, you need a person to fix it.

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