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2020 CARES Act Emergency Grants to Students

Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF)

Tulsa Tech was allocated $1,717,200 under Section 18004(a)(1) of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. The institution signed and returned the ‘Recipient’s Funding Certification and Agreement for Emergency Financial Aid Grants to Students’ to the US Department of Education requesting funds to provide the mandated amount of at least 50 percent of the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF) grants to students.

The allocation for Emergency Financial Aid Grants to Students totaled, $858,600. These funds were used to help students with expenses related to campus closure due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) including eligible expenses under a student’s cost of attendance such as technology, course materials, housing, food, child care and health care. The additional $858,600 was allocated to help address significant changes to the delivery of instruction due to the coronavirus.

Who was eligible for the emergency financial aid grant funds?

Tulsa Tech estimated 875 students were eligible to participate in programs under Section 484 in Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended (HEA), and were therefore eligible to receive an emergency grant.

To be eligible for emergency financial aid grant funding, as outlined under CARES Act Section 18004(a)(1) students must have been:

  • Have been enrolled in a Title IV eligible program as of March 13, 2020
  • Eligible to participate in programs under Section 484 in Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965
  • Completed the online application and identified an eligible expense related to campus closure due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

How much in emergency grant funds has been distributed to students?

As of September 8, 2020 Tulsa Tech has distributed $858,600.00 to 699 Students.

How did Tulsa Tech determine which students would receive funds?

Eligible students were identified based on the above criteria. Eligible students were required to complete an online application for the CARES Act grant. The Financial Assistance office sent out emails with application instructions to the identified students on May 13, 2020. Each eligible student who completed the online application received the same grant award in the amount of $981.25.

In addition to communications via email, information on Tulsa Tech’s website, text messaging and a calling campaign were used to educate students about this grant opportunity.

Students who received the initial $981.25, were continuing in the same program they were enrolled in as of August 12, 2020, received an additional grant award. There were 318 students eligible for an additional $541.40 grant and one student received $541.05. This grant was intended to cover housing, food, course materials, technology, and health and child care during the pandemic.

How did students receive their funds?

The initial $981.25 grant funds were paid directly to students through the Business office. Checks were mailed out to the student’s mailing address on the CARES Act online application. The subsequent grant funds were distributed to students at their campuses and some were mailed directly to the students.