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The Office of the Bursar is the central billing and collection point for Tulsa Tech full-time programs.

Payment Plan Authorization Form

About the Bursar’s Office

The Bursar’s Office provides a variety of services, including billing and payment plans.

Payment Plans

A payment plan is a contract signed by the student stating they are responsible for tuition payments. All adult students will need to complete and sign this form. This includes students receiving Financial Aid, in the event the student becomes ineligible for Financial Aid.

  • The first payment is due three weeks before class starts. Students may be dropped if the initial payment is not paid or if Financial Aid has not been awarded.
  • If a program is more than 500 hours, the student’s tuition will be due in four payments with the last payment due 6 weeks before the program is completed.
  • If a program’s duration is two years, there will be new charges for each fiscal year/term, and students need to apply for Financial Aid for both years.

Refund Guidelines

For tuition refunds, see the long term tuition refund guidelines. There are no refunds for bookstore purchases, tools and/or equipment.

1098-T Information

A 1098-T is a tax form that summarizes all tuition payments made by a student during a calendar year. Each full-time student will be issued a 1098-T to be used in completing their income taxes. It does not include payments for the purchase of books, and thus, receipts for book purchases should be retained for tax purposes. 1098-T forms are sent or available online by January 31 of each year. Current students can opt-in to receive their 1098-T electronically. See the Student HUB for instructions. 

FERPA Form Information

The FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) form allows adult students to give their consent to allow Tulsa Tech to release information to a spouse, parent, or sponsoring company/tribe concerning their Bursar account. This optional form must be completed and signed before information can be released to a third party.

Frequently Asked Questions