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Success Centers

Catch up, get ahead, or prepare for your next level of success through one-on-one classroom and online tutoring.

Success Centers will meet your learning needs

Tulsa Tech Success Centers provide personal, social service and educational intake assessment to determine an individual’s interests and abilities. Career counselors and certified teachers assist with strengthening academic skills, assessing career interests for learning and employment success.

Success Centers operate year-round, late afternoon and evening computerized-learning centers at two Tulsa Tech campuses strategically located throughout Tulsa County.

We partner with area K-12 schools and Tulsa metropolitan businesses to provide options for learning and career advancement.

Success Centers coordinate a network of area social services as the need indicates to refer clients to a variety of community, social and family service agencies.

Who do we help?

  • High School students
  • Middle School students
  • School Dropouts (all ages welcome)

Success Centers offerings

  • Assessment of individual interests and academic skills
  • High school and middle school course credit recovery and credit advancement through teacher-assisted, online Edgenuity (E2020) courses
  • We have extensive partnerships with area community social service agencies and will assist with referrals when requested by clients

Contact Us

(918) 828-5000


Operating Hours

August through May
4 - 8 pm

June and July
12 - 4 pm

Success Center

Peoria Campus

Riverside Campus