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Professional Academic Technical Honor

Recognizing students who demonstrate Career Readiness

Be Career Ready


To identify and recognize students who demonstrate Career Readiness by successfully completing the requirements of P.A.T.H.

Career Readiness Mission

To utilize a Career Readiness model which demonstrates students have obtained the professional, academic, and technical skills needed to be successful in the workplace and post-secondary education.

Who can earn P.A.T.H. Certification?

  • Open to High School students
    Adult Students
  • Open to Adult students
    High School Students

How do I get started?

All eligible students will be required to apply for the PATH distinction. Applications must be submitted at the beginning of the program. Check with your campus for the deadline date.

Decorative 'P'


Employment Profile:

  • Resume
  • Job Application
  • Mock Interview

Professional Appraisal:

  • Evaluation of Soft Skills

Decorative 'A'


Must Meet One of the Following:

  • Silver Standard on WorkKeys
  • 19 Composite on ACT
  • 990 Composite on SAT
  • Associates Degree or Higher

Decorative 'T'


  • Minimum Grade of B in ALL Courses
  • Proficiency on Industry Certification
  • Maintain 97% Attendance

Decorative 'H'


  • Career Readiness Distinction