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Pre-Engineering Advanced

2024-25 School Year

Who can attend?

  • Open to High School students
    High School Students
  • Explore the exciting fields of engineering and technology, pushing boundaries, and discovering new possibilities as you work on projects that inspire and engage your passion
  • Gain hands-on experience with state-of-the-art engineering equipment, including 3D printers, that will bring your ideas to life and showcase your technical skills
  • Collaborate with your peers to tackle real-word challenges, from improving sustainability to solving community problems, and present your solutions to industry leaders

Revised 05/29/2024

Explore your potential career as an engineer. Build upon your high-school math classes to design and build items using 3D printers. You will also get to draft solutions to real-world problems and present them to engineers already working in the field. Make Your Own Path to an exciting career in the STEM fields.

Program Details