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Vision Care Assistant

2024-25 School Year

Who can attend?

  • Open to High School students
    High School Students
  • Discover how to perform various vision and diagnostic tests, including measuring visual acuity, testing for color blindness, and checking for eye diseases
  • Acquire hands-on experience by assisting ophthalmologists with patient procedures such as eye exams, contact lens fittings, and minor surgeries
  • Utilize cutting-edge technology, equipment, and resources to help patients maintain healthy vision

Student Handbook Vision Care 23-24

Revised 03/08/2024

Touch, smell, taste and sight, these are the major senses. Build new skills to help patients maintain their sight and diagnose problems in Tulsa Tech’s Vision Care program. Get the skills to run complex diagnostic and vision tests. Make Your Own Path to an exciting career in Vision Care!

Program Details