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Safety & Security

Striving to provide a safe environment for faculty, staff, students and visitors to work and train for success.

What To Do in an Emergency

Please watch this important safety video that explains what you should do in case of an emergency.

Submit an Anonymous Tip

Any immediate danger or emergency should always be reported to Campus Deputies or by calling 911.

See something that alarms you or seems suspicious and want to report it? Please fill out the form for the anonymous tip line and tell us your concern. If you See Something, Say Something!

Please complete this form if you need/want to anonymously report any crime or safety and security concern to the Tulsa Tech Safety and Security team. This information is directed to the Safety and Security team and will remain confidential.

Please provide information on any individuals involved (ie. name, address, and physical description), dates and time, etc. Do you know if this has already been reported? Provide as much detail as you can. You may be contacted anonymously for more information.