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Erika operates a camera mounted on a tripod

Developing Ideas, Fostering Talent

Back to School is a phrase that to kids means summer is over, but for many adults, it means an opportunity to learn new skills. The same can be said for Erika Orafu, an adult student in the TV production program.

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Two sets of twins at Tulsa Tech's Career Academy

A Family Inside a Bigger Family

Tucked inside Tulsa Tech’s Peoria Campus is a place unlike any other; the Career Academy offers students a unique and personalized experience. The first thing you see when you walk in is no mistake. A big table meant to foster a sense of belonging.

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Criminal Justice student Yazmine Brito

A Passion to Serve Others

When you hear the term “family business,” you often think of a small business or a place that is run by a family. For Yazmine Brito, a student in the Criminal Justice program, that family business is in law enforcement.

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