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Extraordinary Educational Outcomes

Tulsa Tech is proud to help students achieve tremendous outcomes through hands-on, real-world career training. Our students are highly motivated to come here and get the skills to get paid.

96 Percent Positive Placement 86 Percent Completion and Retention 88 Percent CTSO Participation

When students graduate from Tulsa Tech, more than 90 percent go on higher education, the military, or the workforce. Our training goes beyond the skills needed to succeed in the workforce. We also help train the whole person to work in the multi-generational and multi-cultural workforce of today.

The motivation of our students is evident in the number completing their programs. Students are encouraged that with Tulsa Tech, they can get the career training they need in months and not years. Nearly nine out of every ten students complete their program of study. 

Through our Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSO’s), we develop more than the skills needed to succeed in any future career but also grow the leaders of tomorrow. Our CTSO’s allow students to connect with peers with similar interests from across Oklahoma and the nation, then compete to see who has the best skills. These organizations foster healthy competition and create an environment of collaboration to build the leaders of tomorrow.

More than just numbers, these extraordinary outcomes showcase how we live our mission of Educating People for Success in the Workplace. Each percentage is evidenced by the highly-skilled and motivated students that walk out of Tulsa Tech each year ready to follow their own path to the career of their dreams.