District Policies

Check information below for current policies and guidelines for Tulsa Tech.
Please contact us at (918) 828-5000 or info@tulsatech.edu with any questions.

Oklahoma School Laws

Student Information

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) student release form
Student Agreement and Information Form
Student Guidelines
Refund Guidelines

Policies & Procedures

Financial Policies & Procedures
FIN-01 Investment
FIN-02 Payment of Necessary Travel Expenses
FIN-03 Purchasing
FIN-04 Interim Authority to Encumber Funds
FIN-05 Tuition Refund
FIN-06 Live Work
FIN-07 Duplicate Warrant
FIN-08 Delegation of Authority for Approval of Change Orders on Construction Contracts

General Policies & Procedures
GEN-01 Nondiscrimination
GEN-02 Board Policy Development
GEN-03 Public Participation at BOE Meetings
GEN-04 Compensation of BOE Members
GEN-05 Contracting Architectural Services
GEN-06 Facilities Use
GEN-07 Public Information & News Releases
GEN-08 Visitors to District Facilities
GEN-09 Release of Public Records
GEN-10 Crisis Response Policy
GEN-11 Health and Safety
GEN-12 Closing of School
GEN-13 Use of School Vehicles
GEN-14 Tobacco
GEN-15 Vacancy on Board of Education
GEN-16 Sexual Harassment
GEN-17 Acceptable Use of Information Systems and Educational Technology Resources
GEN-18 Board of Education Committees
GEN-19 Selection of Names for District Facilities
GEN-20 Mobile Device Policy
GEN-21 Public Concerns and Complaints
GEN-22 Professional Conduct Required of Staff and Board of Education Members
GEN-23 Religion in School
GEN-24 Volunteer Services Program
GEN-25 Use of Security Cameras
GEN-26 Social Media

Personnel Policies & Procedures
PER-01 Employee Benefits
PER-02 Employment of Personnel
PER-03 Eye Protection Devices
PER-04 Reemployment, Non-Reemployment, Suspension, Demotion or Termination of Support Personnel
PER-05 Evaluation of Teachers and Administrators
PER-06 Reduction In Force
PER-07 Personnel Classification System For Regular Full-Time Employees
PER-08 Instructor Presence In The Shop-Lab or Classroom
PER-09 Advisory Committees
PER-12 Supplemental Retirement Benefits
PER-13 Crisis Response Policy
PER-14 Health and Safety
PER-15 Closing of School
PER-16 Tobacco
PER-17 Employment of BOE Member Relative
PER-18 Drug-Free and Alcohol-Free Workplace
PER-22 Suspension, Dismissal and Non-Reemployment of Teachers
PER-23 Work Based Experience
PER-24 Live Work
PER-26 Sexual Harassment
PER-27 Reemployment, Non-Reemployment, Suspension , and Dismissal of Regular Full-Time Certified Administrators
PER-29 Criminal Records Search
PER-30 Drug And Alcohol Testing Program For Employees Required To Hold A Commercial Driver’s License
PER-31 Acceptable Use of Information Systems and Educational Technology Resources
PER-33 Cellular Phones Supplements
PER-34 Testing Employees and Applicants for Employment (other than bus drivers) with Regard to the use of Alcohol and Illegal Chemical Substances
PER-35 Employee Compensation
PER-36 Assault, Battery or Assault and Battery Upon School Employee
PER-37 Employee Telework
PER-38 Employee Appearance
PER-39 Volunteer Services Program
PER-40 Post Military Education and Advanced Standing
PER-41 Employment of Substitute Teachers
PER-42 Use of District-Owned Vehicles by Certain Employees
PER-43 Social Media

Student Policies & Procedures
STU-01 Student Admission Policy for Full-Time Programs
STU-02 District Provided Student Transportation
STU-03 Student Attendance
STU-04 Report Students Under the Influence
STU-06 Eye Protection Devices
STU-07 Internet-Based Instruction
STU-08 Tuition Scholarships
STU-10 Crisis Response Policy
STU-11 Health and Safety
STU-12 Closing of School
STU-13 Tobacco
STU-14 Tuition Refund
STU-15 Student Grades
STU-16 Work Based Experience
STU-17 Live Work
STU-18 Student Behavior and Discipline
STU-19 International Student Tuition and Refunds
STU-20 Acceptable Use of Information Systems and Educational Technology Resources
STU-21 Mobile Device Policy
STU-22 Observation of Moment of Silence
STU-23 Student Search and Seizure
STU-24 Use of Dogs Trained to Detect Illegal and Dangerous Substances
STU-25 Testing Students with Regard to the Use of Alcohol and Illegal Chemical Substances
STU-27 Student Dress Code
STU-28 Sexual Harassment
STU-29 Compliance with Screening Criteria for Students Enrolled in Programs Requiring Sponsored Work Based Experience
STU-30 Volunteer Services Program
STU-31 Threatening Behavior, Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying

Tulsa Tech does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, age, marital or veteran status, or disability.