Vision & Mission

Strategic_Framework_250one vision
To be the region’s leader of career and technical education, resulting in a quality job for every Tulsa Tech student and a skilled workforce for every company.
one mission
Educating people for success in the workplace.

one district

our values
We earn Trust by modeling these values:

  • Communication and Collaboration
    We maintain open, honest, two-way communication among ourselves and with our stakeholders. We recognize that success depends on effective collaboration and strong partner relationships.
  • Diversity and Respect
    We honor differing backgrounds, cultures, and viewpoints. We accept our responsibility to act with integrity and treat each person with courtesy, fairness, compassion, and respect.
  • High Expectations and Accountability
    We are student centered, industry-focused, and performance-driven. We set high standards and hold ourselves and each other accountable to uphold the district’s mission and maintaining those standards.
  • Innovation and Flexibility
    We champion creative thinking and informed risk-taking in seizing opportunities and solving problems. We seek organizational agility and responsiveness in navigating a constantly changing environment.
  • Service and Stewardship
    We are committed to socially responsible service that adds value for our customers and our communities. We embrace our responsibility as stewards of the organization’s and society’s resources.

A Letter from our Superintendent & CEO