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Applications are now being accepted!

To apply for a full-time program, complete the following steps. Applications are accepted throughout the year.

Applicants applying by February 2, 2018 for the 2018-19 school year will be notified by March 2, 2018.

STEP 1: Complete and submit an APPLICATION by applying online.

STEP 2: Answer three INTEREST QUESTIONS online.

STEP 3: Submit documentation of ACADEMIC PREPAREDNESS.

  • High School applicants may provide standardized reading and math test scores from your high school (such as PLAN, Explore, ACT or SAT results) or take a reading and math test at Tulsa Tech.
  • Adult applicants must take a reading and math test at Tulsa Tech, unless you have recent ACT/SAT scores, or an associate’s degree or higher. (NOTE: The Practical Nursing program has different testing requirements.) Please call 918.828.5000 for more information.
  • Testing Locations/Hours: The Assessment Office is located in the Career Services Center on the Lemley Memorial Campus at 3420 S. Memorial Dr. Please call our Assessment office at 918-828-5000 or click here for more specific testing information. You must bring a state-issued photo ID, such as a driver’s license or current student ID. Testing is available:
Testing Hours
Office Hours

*The Assessment office will open for extended hours Monday-Thursday after Thanksgiving break until the first round application deadline.

STEP 4: Complete a PROGRAM VISIT by visiting the program you are interested in at a campus location where that program is offered. Program visits are held on Thursdays at 3pm and may be scheduled online or by calling 918.828.5000.

Campus Program Visits

NOTE: Some programs have additional admission requirements. Specific program requirements are available here or contact Admissions at 918.828.5000. If you need a paper copy of the application and interest questions, please visit the Career Services Center on the Lemley Memorial Campus at 3420 S. Memorial Drive, any Tulsa Tech campus, or call 918.828.5000.


  • Admission to Tulsa Tech is based on a point system with 100 points possible. You may earn up to 30 points for academic preparedness, up to 50 points for the interest questions, and 20 points for a program visit (minimum of 40 points from the survey and program visit combined is required).
  • Applicants meeting the minimum scores are admitted, beginning with the highest score, until all available slots are filled. Applicants meeting the minimum scores but not accepted into the class due to space limitations will be put on a waiting list. If any applicant feels he/she has been improperly denied admission, a request for alternative admissions can be made.
  • Priority points are given to applicants with a complete admission file as of each round of selection. A complete file includes an application, interest questions and academic points.