Solid math, science and technical skills will help you prepare for your long-term career. You will learn to draft, design and plan for construction, as well as remodels, additions and repairs
Challenge your creative talents and develop your skills. You will combine artistic expression and individual style with an in-depth understanding of state-of-the-art technology on this career path.
Teamwork, communication skills and attention to detail all come into play as you prepare for a career in business management and administration, especially in the legal and healthcare fields.
If you like math, money, problem-solving, and a have strong analytical mind, a finance career may be for you. Learn about services for financial and investment planning, banking, insurance, and more.
Strong communication skills and the ability to work well with people are important in this career path. You will learn to create great experiences for diners, travelers and event guests.
Good communication skills and creativity help you achieve success in careers related to families and peoples’ needs. You’ll focus on child development, grooming and personal care.
Bring a strong aptitude for math and science to the table, and immerse yourself in an ever-changing working environment. On this career path, you’ll work with technologies transforming our world.
Your leadership and teamwork skills will help you learn to manage and provide public safety and protective services. This career path is vital to the communities where we live, work and play.
Your talent for math, science, and precise, hands-on work will help you here. Courses in drafting, automation, and robotics prepare you for your career in manufacturing.
You have the power to greatly impact the profitability of a business. Skills in creative problem-solving, communication, and an aptitude for teamwork will help you pursue a career here.
Your natural curiosity and broad understanding of math and science will help you navigate this challenging and ever-changing field. Learn more about rockets and robots and more on this in-demand career path.