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Teaching Skills Beyond the Classroom

Tulsa Tech students in the medical programs learn the skills to do their jobs. However, they are also taught valuable lessons about caring for others.

“I think it is helping us build our character,” Kyra Kirby said. “People who want to be in the medical field always think about others first I think it just helps us become better people.”

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Finding her Focus, Developing her Passion

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” It's a quote we all have heard, but is that truly the case? For some Tulsa Tech Photography students, the answer is simple – Yes!

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Tulsa Tech Instructors Find News Ways to Connect With Students

Working from home, distance learning and non-essential businesses closed.  Now, more than ever, people must make a connection. With a face-to-face meeting, not a possibility Tulsa Tech instructors are getting creative to help students.

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Tulsa Tech Instructor Earns Second Place in National Competition

The desire to do our best in activities is instilled in us from a young age. Our parents tell us to do the best we can in school, and as we progress through our careers, employers ask us to be our best selves. For two Tulsa Tech instructors, that meant taking part in the Aero Skills Tournament regionals.

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