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Photography Skills Earn Tulsa Tech Trio a Fortune 500 Internship

Three Tulsa Tech photography students earn shoot for Fortune 500 company

With the pop of a flashbulb, three Tulsa Tech students earned the opportunity of a lifetime. Each student recently interned for Macy’s department stores, a Fortune 500 company.

"I received a call to see if I had any students that could photograph product for Macy's website," Kelsey Reed, Tulsa Tech Photography Instructor, said.

After Reed sent over a list of qualified names, Macy's hired three Tulsa Tech students.

"The opportunity they gave us and working with people in New York, it was a great experience," Kaitlyn Criss said with a smile.

"It was a lot of fun and a great experience," Jaden De Rosa added.

Tulsa Tech's Photography training is a two-year high school program. Students learn how to shoot, edit and compose professional pictures. The training focuses on everything from commercials to journalism and art. Students also practice shooting in a studio.

"Learning studio lights and how to set it up was a huge help," De Rosa said. "Beyond the training, learning the how to interview and work with others was huge.”

The rapid growth of social media marketing means students can use their skills to get hired. Tulsa Tech encourages each student to Make Your Own Path, relating to rugged, independent and motivated students who want to work hard and train for a rewarding career.

That is what each of these students has done. Each took a different approach to the Photography program. For Criss and De Rosa, it was a passion they knew they wanted to pursue. Criss is now working toward photography degree. While De Rosa is taking pictures for a local company's social media.

The choice was not as easy for Wyatt Linfoot. He says had to choose between photography or an automotive program at Tulsa Tech's Broken Arrow campus.

"I got my camera and thought I would try taking pictures," Linfoot said. "Now, I enjoy what I get to do."

The internship provided a rare chance for high school students to collaborate with a Fortune 500 company in New York. Now each is waiting for the day they see their work online.

"I have looked for the pictures we took, but if I did find one, it would be the peak of my life," Criss said. "Saying one of my photos was on a website for this huge company would be a proud moment."

"I haven't looked," Linfoot chimed in. "But they told us the pictures generated millions in revenue." Linfoot added, knowing the pictures influenced people to buy a product was enough for him.

Each one agrees they would not have had this opportunity without the training they received from Tulsa Tech.

"I am a true example of what can happen when you apply to Tulsa Tech," Criss said with a smile. "Tulsa Tech taught me everything from business to manners," Linfoot added.

While De Rosa said, it was the friendships, experiences and atmosphere that made Tulsa Tech stand out from her home high school.

"Tulsa Tech allows you to grow your skills and prepares you for life. I would not have the customer service skills I have without tech," Linfoot said.