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The Chameleon of CareerTech

If you are looking for the true chameleon of CareerTech, look no further than Business and Industry Services (BIS).  Tulsa Tech's BIS team adapts and customizes training to meet the needs of each client. Offering a wide array of services, including technical and safety training, consulting on securing government contracts, leadership training to small business growth, the BIS team focuses on helping Tulsa area businesses grow. 

Workforce development is a significant part of drawing companies to the Tulsa region, and Tulsa Tech’s ability to customize training for specific business needs, makes for a winning partnership.  

"Every state offers training incentives to companies who are starting up or relocating," Matt Litterell, Director of Business and Industry Services said. "What Tulsa Tech provides that is unique, not only across the country but also within our state, is ongoing funding of training to reduce the cost of training and upskilling Tulsa area employees. This includes up to a 50% reduction in cost for ongoing training for companies operating here." 

Another unique advantage is the hands-on training aspect of Tulsa Tech. Instructors have worked for years within industry, know what it takes to succeed, and allow for employees of clients to learn first-hand rather than relying on solely lectured lessons. With a state-of-the-art facility located on the Lemley Memorial Campus, clients can choose to train there or host the training. 

The BIS team works to ensure each client's goals are met through their vision of “Improving your business is our business”. 

"Our success is ultimately determined by the success of our clients, so their needs come first and foremost," Litterell said. "Our department is free from the regulations and restrictions of accreditation, so we have significant flexibility to meet any client's needs right where they are." 

Small businesses are the backbone of any community, training and knowledge is just as important to start ups and small business as it can be for larger corporations. That’s why we have partnered with Tulsa's small business incubator called 36° North. This innovative office space allows for ideas to blossom into full-blown business startups, and Tulsa Tech has representatives available to assist clients get their business off the ground.