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A Family Inside a Bigger Family

Tucked inside Tulsa Tech’s Peoria Campus is a place unlike any other; the Career Academy offers students a unique and personalized experience. The first thing you see when you walk in is no mistake. A big table meant to foster a sense of belonging.

While high school can be daunting, the Career Academy is a welcoming space to help students build community and create a new feeling of family. However, that family is a little different this year, with not one but three sets of twins in the afternoon group of students alone.

“It is unique to have this many sets of twins,” Kori Moore, Career Academy Counselor, said. “I can’t recall having one set before, much less three, and all in the afternoon!”

Career Academy is a specialized part of Tulsa Tech. The Career Academy is a comprehensive program that assists Tulsa-area high school students in need of alternative education options. Tulsa Tech staff works alongside partner school districts to intertwine high school credentials with career and technical training to allow area students to grow and thrive. Students train for a future career during half of each day, then complete their high school coursework online for the other half.

For the three sets of twins, it is unique and a chance to see how other twins interact and how the rest of the world might view them.

“I can see some of the stuff that they do, and it's the same thing I do with my twin,” Matie Adame said. “It's something that people who don't have twins can't relate with, but if you have a twin, you can relate to it.”

A recent report on data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that twins make up a little more than three percent of all births in the United States.  So, while twins are not rare, they still do catch your attention.

“Whenever I see the twins, I still get shocked. And I remember myself. Oh yeah, I do have a twin.” Bayleigh Hatton said with a smile.

For one set of twins, their interests in future career opportunities even match up, the Adame sisters are training in the same Business Management and Entrepreneurship program. But what brought each of them to Career Academy rings the same.

“I feel like the courses are more catered to me, and the teachers here care about me,” Matie said. While her sister Marleene added, “I like that I could work at my own pace.”

While this year is undoubtedly unique for the number of twins, the real story is in their success as individuals.

“I like tech because I feel like it gives me a little motivation for the future,” Marleene said with a smile. “Here at Career Academy, I feel like they help us all grow up to face the world,” her sister Matie added.