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IT Program Continues Streak of Success

Cisco Dream Team students Brandi Phillips and Joshua McDonald

Call it a winning streak! The Enterprise Network Technologies program landed students on the prestigious Cisco Dream Team. Students follow an application process with Cisco, including a review of their certifications and a video interview. The Enterprise Network Technologies program allows students to fast-track their studies to earn their Cisco Certified Network Associate credentials in under six months and enter the workforce with greater earning potential.

“It speaks volumes of this program and the training we get,” Brandi Phillips, a student and Dream Team member, said. “I mean, Cisco—it's a global giant. To be part of this select group is remarkable.”

Phillips and her classmate Joshua McDonald mark the fifth and sixth students from the program to achieve this honor. Dream Team members work with professionals to set up and maintain the network at high-profile events.

As part of the reward, they're headed to Las Vegas in June to help set up the Cisco Live event.

“I can't wait to apply all my training in a live setting,” McDonald said smiling. “Sure, we get hands-on training here, but this is on a whole other level. Contributing to society in such a meaningful way, it's an incredible opportunity.”

Each student had the chance to glean insights from former Dream Team members to fine-tune their applications. But beyond practical help, they found comfort working with former students who had already experienced the process, easing their anxieties.

“Connecting with Ally (a member of the 2023 Cisco Dream Team) was invaluable,” Phillips shared. “Having that support system boosts confidence. It motivated me to apply.”

Enterprise Network Technologies instructor, Dr. Jon Duffee started a mentorship program to help guide students through the application process.

“This honor speaks to Mr. Duffee's skills as a teacher,” McDonald said. “With his help, I've grown my skills. I took the program because I needed more training navigating complex networking equipment. It's been a rewarding journey.”

Previous students selected to the Cisco Dream Team include:

  • 2022: Kash Allen
  • 2023: Matthew McCoy, Jacob Teenor and Ally Vang
  • 2024: Joshua McDonald and Brandi Phillips

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