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Tenacity and Perseverance Help Tulsa Tech Student Excel in I.T. Career

Student Robert Randolph stands in front of server racks in an I.T. classroom

From the lumber yard to the server room, Robert Randolph has made his own path to success. The California transplant moved to Tulsa shortly before the pandemic. As he tells it, he found a good job that paid the bills but it was not a career, and that is what he wanted.

“I started looking at my options for going back to school,” Randolph said with a grin. “I toured one school and didn’t like it, but then I found Tulsa Tech.”

With his first preference of information technology training programs already full, Randolph knew that he had to pivot and is so glad that he did.

“I met with Mr. (David) Morris, and he sold me on the Windows Server program,” Randolph said. “Looking back now, that is where I should have been looking all along.”

The self-proclaimed “90’s kid” says he did not know much about computers going into the program.

“I know how to use computers,” Randolph said. “As far as networking and all that, I had almost zero knowledge.”

His lack of knowledge at the beginning of class was a concern for his instructor. Yet, with hard work and asking the right questions, Randolph was able to excel in the program.

“He earned all five certifications. He is the only person who has done that in two years in my class,” David Morris, Windows Server Administrator Instructor said.

The Windows Server Administrator program, now called IT System Administration, is ideal for both high school and adult students. High school or adult students that attend half-days can complete the program in two school years, while adults who attend all day can complete the program is as little as nine months. Students master the skills to design and install complex systems, as well as how to diagnose, maintain and repair those systems. For Randolph, the program tied into where he saw himself.

“My instructor was amazing. The curriculum tied into the certification that I was able to achieve,” Randolph said, smiling. “Everything about Tulsa Tech is wonderful. Being able to get hands-on with the equipment and not read about it was a difference-maker.”

Tulsa Tech offers many programs in the growing, and ever-changing I.T. industry. Enterprise Network programs focus on Cisco technologies. While others like Cybersecurity/Forensics and Computer Repair are broader.

Over the next decade, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics expects jobs in the I.T. sector will grow 11 percent. The field also has a median income almost double that for all other occupations.

While Randolph might not strike you as a typical I.T. employee, he says it comes down to his passion for helping people.

“I enjoy fixing things and making things work for people,” Randolph added. “I have a lot of experience working on cars and fixing things. It is what I enjoy doing.”

Randolph says this kind of training, at an affordable price, is something he could have never imagined before moving to Tulsa.

“Being from California, my high school barely offered a shop class,” Randolph said. “The fact Tulsa Tech offers all these essential trades and skills; I think this is important for this community to take advantage of this training.”

Now, back in the workforce nine months after he left for a new career, Randolph is ready to tackle whatever comes next.

“With where I am now, this is every dream realized,” Randolph said with a smile. “I could not be happier with the position that I am in right now.”

You too can make the transition into the in-demand I.T. field with training from Tulsa Tech. Log onto today to see which program fits you and see how Tulsa Tech can help you Make Your Own Path to a bright future.