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Charting a Path to Success

Success can take countless forms, Micah Neasby found her own path—a journey that led her through college and back to the welcoming doors of Tulsa Tech, where her passion for nursing would truly ignite.

Neasby's story began during her senior year of high school when she enrolled in the Nursing Transitions program. Just as spring break arrived, the world was plunged into the grip of the COVID-19 pandemic, forever changing the trajectory of her educational pursuits.

Both she and her twin sister ventured off to college, however Micah realized that the traditional college experience was not for her. Driven by a desire to learn through hands-on experiences, she made the decision to return to Tulsa Tech and applied for the Practical Nursing program.

"What sets Tulsa Tech apart is the emphasis on hands-on learning," Neasby explained. "You can read about nursing all you want, but being able to actually apply those skills and techniques at a tech school is what truly makes a difference."

As Neasby delved deeper into her education, she used her prior knowledge from Nursing Transitions to get a job Saint Francis Health System. “I worked as a nurse tech on a cardiac floor, providing patient care and supporting the nurses in any way she could. Her senior year experiences had become the foundation for her real-world career.”

The Practical Nursing program at Tulsa Tech is a rigorous yearlong course. Alongside classroom instruction, students engage in hands-on clinical hours, honing their abilities in various healthcare facilities across Tulsa.

"What I truly enjoy about the program is the clinical aspect," Neasby said. "Moving from floor to floor, exploring different hospitals in Tulsa—it allows me to discover what areas I'm drawn to and which ones I may want to avoid."

While Neasby's journey is far from over, she remains deeply grateful for the opportunities Tulsa Tech has provided her. Currently pursuing her Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) at Tulsa Community College, she happily looks back at her Tech experience.

"With the foundation I've built at Tulsa Tech, I'll be able to outshine my sister when it comes to landing a real job," Neasby quipped. "Tulsa Tech has been an opportunity that I simply couldn't pass up."