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Fulfilling Her Dreams, Realizing Her Talents

Walk into the visual graphics classroom at the Riverside Campus and you will find students eager to create and learn. Amongst them is a student who has already seen the fruits of their hard work while attending Tulsa Tech. Hoi Nei Hlaing submitted an entry and was chosen as the winning theme for 2021-22 by Business Professionals of America (BPA). BPA is one of nearly 10 Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSO) that Tulsa Tech students can participate in each year. For Hlaing, earning this distinction as a sophomore was fulfilling.

“You are working super hard and spending late nights developing a project you want to see thrive and succeed, and when you reach that milestone, it’s like wow, all this work paid off,” Hlaing said. “I just feel so happy and my potential is showing.”

The design shows a neon background and the phrase “go beyond your limits” warped into a road-type image. A message that Hlaing finds very personal.

“I have always been a creative spirit and pushing past my limits,” Hlaing said with a smile. “Seeing the design chosen shows all the blood, sweat and tears I put in was worth it. This is a visualization of the potential I want to show others.”

Hlaing got her start in one of Tulsa Tech’s nearly two-dozen high school extension programs. Last school year, she took the Foundations of Web Design class at Jenks High School. Tulsa Tech high school extension programs are embedded into local area high school to help introduce students to different career fields while recognizing not all students can make a half-day training program fit into their schedule.

For Hlaing, she is glad that she took a shot at the Foundations of Web design class and even prouder to have her design as the theme for BPA this school year.

“If you don’t take a shot, you will never know if you can win,” Hlaing said. “If an opportunity is out there, take your best shot. You never know what could happen if you don’t try.”

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