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Kick Your Powersports Career Into Overdrive

The roar of the engine, for some it is the sweetest sound on earth. For others, it can be the call toward a career. Step onto Tulsa Tech’s Broken Arrow Campus and you will hear a lot of engines. The campus is home to nearly a half-dozen automotive programs where you can power your career into overdrive.

However, not all of them tackle the full-size engine. The Powersports program takes on everything from your average lawnmower to ATV’s and watercraft, and it is that wide variety instructor Devin Anderson thinks sets his students apart.

“Students are exposed to everything from string trimmers to side by sides,” Anderson said. “This translates to well-rounded mechanics ready to get the job done.”

Anderson knows about the skills taught at Tulsa Tech, he is a proud graduate with a passion for helping this next generation of students.

“The opportunity for me to teach at Tulsa Tech was something I had to jump on,” Anderson said with a smile. “To help students grow and make a career for themselves is something special.”

An opportunity for Anderson and for students, he says it is not about your grade-point average or even how tech-savvy you are with a computer.

“Our industry partners are your typical small businesses, they want employees who are willing to roll up their sleeves and get dirty,” Anderson said. “If you are willing to work hard, you can thrive in this field.”

Hard work is at the heart of Tulsa Tech’s model. Some students thrive in our hands-on teaching model, but even those that do not can still find a rewarding career. Anderson tells of a former student that struggled in the shop, but he knew the equipment and that is what set him apart.

“His technical knowledge and work ethic helped him get a job,” Anderson said. “Once he got experience his knowledge of the equipment helped him get promoted quickly.”

It is not just about fixing what is broken, Anderson says his biggest thrill is taking the vehicle for a spin when it is back working.

“What is better than taking off down the road in a four-wheeler,” Anderson said with a grin. “Testing everything to make sure you got it right is fun.”

While some people might think that taking a jet ski out on the lake would be the highlight, Anderson says it can sometimes go downhill in a hurry.

“Sometimes those test rides do not go as planned, and let’s just say paddling back to shore is no fun,” Anderson commented.

So if you are looking for a career that will let you roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty, check out more details about our Powersports program. Apply today and see how we can help you Make Your Own Path to an exciting future.