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A Hunger for Knowledge; a Flair for Flavor

"The best things in life are messy." That quote sits at the top of the Kiss My Cook food truck menu. Opened during the heart of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the food truck was more than a spur-of-the-moment decision. For Bryan Kiss, it was a way to make it. 

"I owned a bar and they closed us during the pandemic," Kiss said. "With my relief funds, I bought a food truck. It was my way to keep the income coming in, and I fell in love with cooking through that food truck."

His passion for food and cooking lead him to Tulsa Tech and the Owasso campus. After 12 years as a bar owner, Kiss had to make a change. He had the ideas of what worked. Now, he needed the training.

"It has both given me abilities I need," Kiss said with a grin. "I also get a lot of motivation from both peers and instructors."

The menu featuring southwestern fare has a flair all his own. From tacos to the "Big 'Dilla" and Drunken Cheesy Fries you can find something to suit everyone. But if you ask him what to get, that is easy. 

"The Dark Tower is my specialty! It's loaded waffle fries with homemade beer cheese, meat and sauces," Kiss explained. "That is my pride and joy from my food truck."


So with his food truck and 12 years as a bar owner, why come back and train in Culinary Arts?

"I love cooking, but I had no formal training and this program has helped me, especially with my knife cuts," he said. "My food now looks so much better."

For Kiss, what set Tulsa Tech apart was the affordability and the success of students. After one year, Kiss can not wait to get back for his second year. Each step on the journey brings him closer to his goal. 

"I want my restaurant! I enjoyed my bar and am looking at reopening an establishment this time focusing on the food," he said.

With the support of his instructors, he is confident that his dream will come.

"They are wonderful and supportive. Not only in what they teach me, but also in encouraging me and helping me grow my business," Kiss said. "The number one thing that sets them apart is they care. They care and want to make sure we are successful."