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Learning Never Stops

Learning never stops; if you think about it, we learn something new every day. It could be a new fact, a discovery or a new skill. Tulsa Tech can help you gain the skills you want through ouradult part-time evening and weekend classes.

These classes offer everything from certifications and career training in real estate and welding to enrichment activities like pie baking and gardening. Classes provide flexible and affordable options for working adults looking to train for a new career or simply develop a new skill. 

“We are all about lifelong learning,” Russell Parker, Tulsa Tech’s Director of Adult Career Development, said. “Whatever you are interested in, you can find a perfect fit in our catalog.” 

With nearly 60 state or national certification programs and 19 continuing education programs, Tulsa Tech’s Adult Career Development (ACD) classes work to meet industry needs. Not only will you learn the skills needed in industry, but many ACD classes are also taught by instructors who know what it takes in the real-world.

“Most of our instructors work full-time in the industry they’re teaching in,” Parker said. “And many have a long list of accolades on their resume.” 

If for any reason you cannot find the class you want, you can request it. Once you fill out the request, Tulsa Tech reviews the proposal with decisions based on overall community interest and whether the class is offered elsewhere, among other factors. During any given year, up to 20 percent of classes are new offerings. 

While the classes are affordable, there are some financial aid options available for students. One grant comes from the Hardesty Foundation and offers help to those that qualify. 

“We’re not in this to make money,” Parker said. “This is the taxpayers’ money, and everything we do is to benefit them. Our goal is to simply cover the costs of the class.” 

With an average annual enrollment of around 12,000 students, ACD classes are here to serve the Tulsa community and make sure everyone can be a lifelong learner.