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Tulsa Tech Student Finds Big Way to Say Thank You

Hannah Brown stands in front of Hillcrest Medical Center with her winning mural.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, employers have been looking for ways to say "thank you" in a big way. Tulsa Tech Foundations of Web Design student Hannah Brown entered a contest by Hillcrest Medical Center to do just that. As the winner, she now has a large mural displayed at 11th and Utica downtown.

"I created a mural that shows strength and pulling through the pandemic," Brown said. "I wanted a feeling of how health care workers have been breaking down walls."

The Jenks High School freshman already has an impressive design resume. Her other credits include a tumbler and t-shirt to benefit Special Olympics, both sold at the high school. Brown says her time in the foundations class gave her the skills to enter this contest.

"Without my Foundations of Web Design class, I would not know how to make my design stand out," Brown said with a smile. "I incorporated a lot of the design skills that I learned in class into this mural."

She also credits her instructor Amanda Morton for encouraging her. 

"She has been amazing," Brown said. "Without her, I don't know if I would have even entered the contest.”

These classes are part of an initiative that recognizes not all students can devote a half-day to career training. Instead, Tulsa Tech offers foundational classes in many disciplines as electives within specific partner high schools throughout the District.

"This class is great for me because it allows me to explore careers," Brown said. "Being only an hour in the school day, I can still fit this option in with my other classes."

Besides the mural, Brown also won $200 in the contest. She says she plans to enter a design-related field after she graduates.