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Climbing the Ladder

Step by step, we all strive to advance our careers and achieve financial success. However, Tulsa Tech offers students a fast-track route to skip a few of those steps to success through our training programs. This opportunity was huge for Ashley Masionet, a recent Medical Assisting with Phlebotomy program graduate.

"Absolutely. Before Tulsa Tech, I only had a high school diploma, and been out of school for about four years while being a teen mom," Masionet said. "I didn't see any career prospects for myself. However, Tulsa Tech helped me start my climb up the ladder."

In just six months, our adult-only Medical Assisting program equips students with the skills to enter the medical field. "It's exciting to have a job lined up, to work with real patients, and help people," she added.

Without knowing it, we interact with medical assistants across the healthcare system regularly, whether scheduling appointments or seeking information. So, effective communication is essential when entering the field.

"It definitely is, especially when it comes to maintaining a professional standard of communication rather than a casual one," Maisonet said. "In addition to communication, we must show empathy and listen to our patients, even when misunderstandings occur."

Having recently earned her certification, Maisonet is now off to a career in a doctor's office. However, she remains undecided about her long-term plans. "I'm not exactly sure yet. I haven't decided whether I want to continue my education or focus on working as a medical assistant," she explained with a smile. "For now, my main goal is to gain as much experience as I can."

Regardless of her future choices, she is grateful for the skills she acquired at Tulsa Tech and her support throughout her journey.

"It is tough balancing being a mom and attending school full-time. But the counselors here were always willing to help me if I needed anything," she said. "My instructor was very understanding if I had anything pop up with my kid. So, I just pushed through the six months, and now it's great to be a medical assistant because we have a steady Monday to Friday, 8 to 5 schedule."

If you're seeking a swift career transformation, our adult Medical Assisting with Phlebotomy program offers multiple start dates. Visit our program page to learn more about this opportunity.