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Celebrating Workforce Development Month and Building Partnerships

The way people work has changed. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, it's no longer just about getting a paycheck; now, folks want to find that balance between their personal lives and their work. That has made companies shift from protecting tricks of the trade to creating a skilled team and sharing knowledge to actually put those unique methods to good use and get results.

This is where Tulsa Tech's Workforce Training and Development team steps in.  Working hand-in-hand with companies of all sizes to customize training specifically to their needs, including the likes of BizJet, based right here in Tulsa.

Tammy Wise, Training Professional at BizJet, explained, “Tulsa Tech is our go-to for safety training, including important areas like HAZWOPER and RCRA. They even handle our hearing screenings – a real game-changer for us.”

In the past, BizJet struggled with previous training vendor’s flexibility and going out of business. Now, working with Tulsa Tech, they can track the progress through all of the necessary training for each employee, and fitting it all into their work schedules.

“Andy (Beck) brings his trailer right here to the ramp,” she pointed out. “This setup lets our team rotate through as their job allows – it's so convenient.”

Yet, Tulsa Tech's role goes beyond safety. They're also empowering individuals to develop leadership and technical skills.

“Recently, we had two employees who needed advanced training on one of our CNC machines," Wise said. "Tulsa Tech sent out a trainer who worked with them here.”

But this story isn’t told solely on-location at BizJet. Other team members have taken advantage of specialized training at Tulsa Tech's Riverside Campus.

“We had Ron (Cole) come in for a training session a few weeks back. He identified a need we didn't know about – that kind of insight is invaluable,” Wise added.

Wise also commended the instructors for their teaching abilities and knowledge. She emphasized the practical benefits of having a community partner like Tulsa Tech.

“Before Tulsa Tech, I was the one putting together trainings, and trust me, I'm no expert,” Wise said with a smile. “Tulsa Tech's affordability allows us to offer more than the essentials. We can provide those 'nice-to-have' trainings as well.”

If you would like to explore more about how customized training could benefit your company or employees, visit us at or reach out to our Workforce Training and Development team at 918-828-5400.