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Your Advantage is Waiting

Given a choice between a mansion and a simple house, most would choose the mansion. This is the opportunity Tulsa Tech gives students with our full-time career training programs. It is what we call a “competitive advantage”. Simply put, Tulsa Tech provides our students the skills employers want and the “it factor” colleges are looking for within their applicant pool.

With more than 80 unique full-time programs, students can choose from a wide range of careers to get the training needed to get paid. Offering courses in everything from aerospace to cosmetology and nursing to photography, our programs fit almost every student’s interest. More than 90 percent of Tulsa Tech students find full-time work, go to college, or join the military following graduation. The opportunities for graduates are limitless. 

“The Tulsa Tech classroom is unlike any other you will find,” Dr. Steve Tiger, Tulsa Tech Superintendent and CEO, said. “Filled with state-of-the-art equipment, the opportunities that await are boundless. With more than 600 industry-aligned certifications, you can graduate ready to achieve your career goals.” 

Tulsa Tech’s hands-on model is about giving students the skills needed to thrive in the workplace. Beyond the training, students are also encouraged to develop their leadership skills through Career and Technical Student Organizations. Students also learn the professional skills to develop as successful employees, creating a resume and interview skills, working as part of a team, communication, problem-solving and much more. 

In addition to traditional on-campus training, Tulsa Tech allows students to explore different career paths in their high schools through ourHigh School Extension programs. These one-hour electives offer students hands-on training in everything from pre-engineering and manufacturing to web design and construction. Grounded in real-world experiences, students can see if they like a given career field before moving into more specialized training or higher education options. 

Tulsa Tech reimagined how Career and Technical Education is done, opening doors to a world of possibilities. Our slogan Make Your Own Path is not just a saying, but a message to students that the time spent training here will set them apart from peers in so many ways.