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From the Kitchen to the Server Room

Computers are now part of everyday life. We are always connected to technology, from your smartphone to watches and even your desktop. When all of that tech breaks or malfunctions, you need a person to fix it.

"I started wanting to fix my own computer," Christian Duncan, a Computer Repair and Network Support program graduate, said. "I enjoyed the work and working on these machines is kind of like figuring out a puzzle."

But Duncan's path to his new career started working in a restaurant, and after a time studying at Rogers State University. For him, the hands-on aspect of Tulsa Tech's training drew him in.

"I wanted to get hands-on experience and dig into the networking side of things," he said. "You cannot get that network experience at home; you need a school."

The Computer Repair and Network Support program is a one-year high school or five-month adult all-day program. The course is designed for students to earn A+, Network+, and Security+ certificates.

Since getting his foot in the door to the IT industry, his earnings have increased five-fold. But he says one of the best parts about his time at Tulsa Tech was the relationship he built with his instructor.

"It is nice that I can always ask Mr. (Randy) Shelton questions like, 'Hey, would this be a good thing to do?'" he said. "Also, just being able to keep in touch with someone that knows the field. And I can be like, Hey, you know, I've progressed to this point in my career."

Duncan says he hopes more students take an interest in the high-paying IT field.

"I would highly suggest to anyone they take a hard look at Tulsa Tech," he said. "It is a great option to get your certifications and get to work. In this industry, it is not always a college degree, but the certifications that make a difference."

If you would like to take advantage of Tulsa Tech's high-quality training, check out our complete list of the programs offered.